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HInts & Tips

Based on feedback from previous years, here are the best tips to make sure your entry is the best it can be:

  1. Company size: The judges make decisions based on the evidence within each entry and therefore each is considered on its own merit. Small independent companies have as much chance to win as any other entrant.  We welcome and encourage entries from all companies regardless of size or geographical location.
  2. Criteria: Please read carefully the criteria of the category you wish to enter.
  3. Clarity: Make it easy for the judges to understand why they should select you by ensuring that your entry is well-laid out and presented! Aim for a straightforward argument, cut out the extraneous hype. Essentially, make it uncomplicated and easier for the judges to extract the relevant information.
  4. Concise: Be concise!  The awards programme attracts a lot of entries which require judging within a short period of time.  It’s important to keep your submission to the point and evidence-based. Remember you are limited to 1,000 words and lengthy entries will not garner additional attention.
  5. Current: Ensure that your entry is current, information should be from September 2015 to-date.  Do not include large content of past history.
  6. Case Studies: Consider citing relevant case studies, they are an excellent way of presenting a solution.
  7. Cost: There is no entry fee made to enter the awards.
  8. Proof: The judges need to see proof of performance. That can include: financial, operational information or client testimonials if necessary. Facts will need to back up your claims so if relevant to your entry consider submitting a CV, testimonials, press information or case studies. Supporting materials be relevant to the entry and guidance and context for your materials should be detailed in your entry.
  9. Over and above: Aim high with your entry, the awards are acknowledging high standards and excellence within the sector.  Make your entry reflect the achievements of your company, demonstrate in your entry that you go over and above!
  10. Do not assume! The judging panel will all have relevant experience but they may not be aware of your individual company, sector or operation.  Therefore ensure that your entry explains any relevant detail to enable clarity and understanding.
  11. Prepare your entry! Download the entry information booklet HERE. Don’t forget to read the FAQ, Ts and Cs and the How to enter information for all of the relevant information that you need
  12. Timely: Don’t leave your submission to the last minute! Make sure you leave plenty of time to create the best submission and ensure that you are not at the bottom of the pile!
  13. Additional Assistance – If you have any questions that are not answered within the FAQ, Ts &Cs or the entry pack.  Please direct your query via email to awards@theasap.org.uk